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Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre


Please Note:

Whilst we offer a range of courses suitable for participants with disabilities, we are not a disability provider. Our Adult Education courses are designed to help people find employment or to continue their education at a TAFE or similar provider.

If you have a disability and are interested in attending a course please:

Become a Barista

Learn how to use a coffee machine and gain the confidence to make a great coffee.
No prior experience necessary.

Length: 5 hours - 1 session
Cost: $50

Cooking up Jobs

This workforce development course will help you build employment skills and gain work experience in hospitality as you help make weekly lunches for older community members. 

Length: 90 hours - 9 weeks
Cost: $65

Cooking for the Community

Gain the skills and knowledge to work in a commercial kitchen and front of house in a restaurant or café. This is a practical hands on course where learners gain experience by cooking meals for community members.

Length: 20 hours - 4 weeks
Cost: FREE

Basic Cooking Skills

Improve and develop your cooking skills in
this hands-on cooking class. From pantry to
plate, make and then enjoy a tasty meal, as
you learn different basic cooking techniques.

Length: 12 hours - 4 weeks
Cost: $65

Men: Let Me Teach You to Cook!

This hands-on cooking class will help you build your self esteem and confidence as you prepare simple and nutritious meals for you and your family.

Length: 12 hours - 4 weeks
Cost: $65

Prepare Food Safely

This class is for participants who need assistance completing the online accredited SITXFSA001 'Use hygienic practices for food safety' course.

Length: 15 hours - 5 weeks
Cost: $65

Bite Size Cooking Skills

A hands on course covering the basics of cooking.You will learn key cooking skills in each class.Recipes, lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.

Length: 5 hours - 1 session
Cost: $65

Commercial Kitchen Skills

Gain work experience in our commercial kitchen, a fast paced and demanding environment, with many employment opportunities.

Length: 48 hours - 8 weeks
Cost: $65

Front of House

This program provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent to work in a front of house role in a restaurant, hotel, bar, or café.

Length: 45 hours - 5 weeks
Cost: FREE

Training Tailored for You

If you have a group of 8 or more participants, talk to us about an Adult Education course tailored to meet your needs. With over 60 courses, pick from our existing courses or work with us to design one for your group. Courses can be delivered on the day, time or location of your choice. For more information download the brochure below.