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Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

Mission & Values


Resilient connected neighbourhoods


To enrich our community by providing opportunities to connect participate and learn


Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre operates for the public benefit of the Ballarat community to improve the lives of some of our most disadvantaged community members.

Central to our role is the provision of opportunities for every individual to be treated fairly and for consideration to be given to their individual needs. By working together with community groups, partners, and individuals, we develop programs, activities, and services which respond to the social, recreational, educational, cultural, and economic needs of the disadvantaged people living in our local neighbourhoods.

In doing this we improve the lives of our community members by advancing adult education and relieving the poverty, distress, or disadvantage of individuals or families in our community caused by long term unemployment, social isolation, poor literacy and numeracy, and discrimination.

In achieving our mission our members and the wider public will benefit from a more connected, educated, and involved community where everyone is valued, included, and empowered.


We take a person-centred approach to:

  • equity - creating opportunities with fairness and consideration of each individual's needs
  • Inclusion – embracing diversity in a respectful, safe and welcoming environment
  • empowerment - enhancing individuals' capacity to have control of their own lives
  • collaboration -working together to achieve common goals