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Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

Student Placement

We believe providing support and acting as mentors for students on placement is vital to ensure the future of our workforce. 

Student placements are known as 'vocational placements' under the Fair Work Act (FW Act).

Placements which meet the definition under the FW Act are lawfully unpaid and not considered to be employees. For more information on student placement rights and responsibilities refer to Fair Work.

Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre believes a vocational placement is a mutually beneficial exchange between tertiary level community development students and the organisation. Each year, we are committed to accepting at least 10 students undertaking community sector Certificate IV and above qualifications.

Placements can vary in time and length but generally consist of between 100 hours to 500 hours per student. This has proven to be enough time for students to complete meaningful projects working alongside our community development employees and volunteers.

During placement students gain valuable insights into the day to day running of our not for profit community organisation, perform hands on activities and have the opportunity to put theory into a real project with meaningful work expereince.

If you are interested in a vocational placement at Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre, email your request along with a resume to the Executive Officer.