Ballarat South Community Hub

BSCHThe Ballarat South Community Hub (BSH) is an innovative community multi-use facility, which is a part of the Ballarat South Community Learning Precinct. Access to the Hub is from the Tuppen Street entrance of Phoenix P-12 Community College Senior Campus. Even though situated on the school site, it is a community shared facility and owned by the whole community.

The BSCH provides facilities for life-long learning, recreation and health and wellbeing, as well as meeting or conference spaces. The $2.4 million Ballarat South Community Hub at the Phoenix P-12 Community College was officially opened on Thursday 18th October 2012 by Ballarat MP Catherine King.

Ballarat Neighborhood Centre manage the Hub and are the lead tennant. Other BSCH Tennants include the Jobs Victoria Work & Learning Centre and Sebastopol Cadets Unit. 

The Hub is a great venue for your club meetings, functions, conferences, training seminars, small group training and workshops, or celebration functions and the display / gallery spaces can be used for art exhibitions,works expo's. Corporate and private users are also able to hire these facilities (e.g. for presentations, board meetings or celebration functions).

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 BSCHBook a Room



BSCHFunction Room

Ballarat South Communitiy Hub provides ideal function spaces for your conference, seminar or private functions. Our fully airconditioned functions room can be divided into two separate areas or left as a single space to accommodate up to 200 people. Tables (Round or oblong) and chairs are available for you to arrange in any configuration to suit your needs.


BSCHMeeting / Training / Activity Rooms

Ballarat South Community Hub meeting rooms provide a venue for community groups to gather, organise and administer local events and activities. Small scale community education and training programs could also be accommodated in this space. For larger groups, the Multi-Use room(s) can also be utilised.

We offer two individual meeting rooms of various sizes catering for individual needs. Ballarat South Community Hub also offers two computer labs with facilities for teaching and learning. Our well equipped training rooms feature tables and chairs, white boards and can be organized in various configurations. 

Tea and coffee facilities are available.

The facility is also available for usage for local sporting clubs, community education programs, secondary school physical education programs, and private fitness classes. Change rooms facilities are available for users of the hub (i.e., male/home team and female/visiting team).


BSCH Commercial Kitchen

Ballarat South Community Hub includes a commercial kitchen designed to allow catering for large functions.

 Kitchen Features: