Ballarat & District Community Support Register

To join the Ballarat & District Community Support Register (BDCSR), to become a volunteer or to find out more, contact:

If you live in the Golden Plains Shire, the Pyrenees Shire or the City of Ballarat, please complete a Registration Form for each person and forward it to the above address or email.

What is the BDCSR?

The BDCSR keeps a record of a person's details which can be accessed in an emergency or for regular welfare checks. These records may contain information about your medical details and who to notify if you are unable to provide this information to relevant authorities. 

History of the BDCSR

The BDCSR was initially managed by the Police Proactive Unit as a program of Neighbourhood Watch Ballarat to support residents in the Golden Plains Shire, the Pyrenees Shire and the City of Ballarat.

In 2019, when Neighbourhood Watch Ballarat ceased, the BDCSR transferred to the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre. Thank you to the Ballarat Police Proactive Unit for their ongoing support.

The objectives of the BDCSR are:

How does the BDCSR work?

Managed by the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre approved volunteers (who undergo training and police checks) make contact with participants, provide welfare checks and maintain the register database. 

To join the BDCSR simply complete a registration form. Once received your details will be entered into the confidential computer database. You will receive an identity card (for your wallet or purse) and a window sticker for your home.

Once registered, participants will receive regular welfare telephone checks. If a volunteer has concerns about the welfare of a participant or in case of emergency your details maybe provided to a emergency services member at the request of a senior Police Officer. 

Our volunteers will respect the diverse nature of the community and the right of each member to speak and represent different views. 

In public, members shall speak well of each other and the BNC and if representing BNC be punctual to functions and support BNC views and policies.

BDCSR Volunteers