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****  The following general rules and conduct are required from any organisation or individual using the facility::

BSCHAt the Ballarat South Community Hub we have the following rooms available to hire:

Room          Description

O10               Computer Lab (4m x 7.5m)- (6 computers) - after hours only 

O30               Classroom / Meeting Room (6.7m x 7.5m) - seats up to 10 people 

O50               Computer Lab (4m x 7.5m) - (9 computers) 

O60               Small meeting room (4.5m x 3.7m) (Only available after hours and on weekends) 

O70               Classroom / Meeting Room (6.7m x7.5m) - seats up to 15 people, includes Digital Whiteboard and Projector (must request at time of booking) 

N40               Half Function Room 1 (12.5m x10m) - has a wall mounted TV and seats 50-80 people theatre style

N50               Half Function Room 2 (12.5m x10m) (adjacent to Commercial Kitchen) - seats 50-80 people theatre style

N60               Registered Commercial Kitchen (4.5m 8.6m) - designed to allow catering for large functions 

N40 &N50    Whole Function Room (12.5m x 20m) - seats 180 people theatre style and has direct access to the Commercial Kitchen.

NOTE: Booking the function room does not include use of the Commercial Kitchen or College Oval. The Oval is private property and not available for hire.


BSCHAll rooms have heating / air-conditioning; wall mounted white-boards; and access to tea and coffee making facilities. All rooms are provided with the required chairs and tables.

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