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Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

Neighbourhood House Week

Stronger Together 2024

In Australia there are over 1000 Neighbourhood Houses, with over 400 in Victoria alone. These houses form a tight network of community-led organisations which focus on nurturing people and place. In an average week, over 500 people will visit our Neighbourhood House for help, a class or to meet freinds. 

While Neighbourhood Houses across the country all look very different, the basic principles underpinning how a House works with its community are the same. Each House starts with the assumption communities have existing strengths and assets which make them part of the solution – and then together, they work from there.

This week as we celebrate Neighbourhood House Week, join us in simple acts of togetherness—whether it's a shared meal, a collaborative project, or just a friendly chat. Together, we'll explore the incredible strength that emerges when we stand side by side.

To read how our work changes lives and how we do this, then read the amazing stories our clients have shared with us here.