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Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

Discover Walking

Walking Groups

There are many people who walk everyday, often by themselves, but just as often in small groups. If you would like to form a local walking group drop in for a chat with the Commnity Development team.

Delacombe Walking Group

The Delacombe Walking Group meets in the Doug Dean Recreational Reserve near the BBQ each Thursday at 9:30am. At 10:30am after their walk, the walking group members drop in for a cuppa and a sweet treat at the Delacombe Community Hub Chatty Cafe. All are welcome to join the walking group or drop into the Chatty Cafe.

Start a Walking Group

Victoria Walks has some great information on starting a walking group. If you are interested in starting a walking group and need some help with promoting it or a place to meet, just drop the community development team an email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Walking Maps of Sebastopol and Delacombe

Use our maps to help you stay healthy, to form a walking group with friends or to discover more about your community with the historical walks. 

Explore Sebastopol

Easy Walk

Short walks showing the some of the great points of interest around Sebastopol 

Short Walk 1

This walk starts and finisihes at Ballarat Community Health (260 Vickers St, Sebastopol) and covers 1km

Short Walk 2

This walk starts & finishes at Ballarat Community Health (260 Vickers St, Sebastopol) and covers 1.4km. 

Disover Historical Sebastopol

Trail 1

Starting at Ballarat Community Health, this walk was created to reflect the efforts of local citizens whos serverd in World War II

Trail 2

Starting at the Sebastopol Library, the former Borough of Sebastopol Town Hall visiting the Fire station, old State bank building, Holy Trinity church and Police Paddock.

Explore Delacombe

Long Walk

Walk starting from Doug Dean Recreation Reserve with 2 options, both walks are approximatley 4.6km

Short Walk

Starting from the Doug Dean Recreation Reserve the first track loops the oval followed by a walk around the wetlands. This wlak is approximatley 1.4km.

Medium Walk

Starting at Doug Dean Recreation Reserve there are 3 option with his walk ranging from 2.0 to 2.6km.

Walk the Yarrowee Trails

Long Walk

Starting and finishing at the corner of Bridge & Albert St, this 4.8km walk will take you on a loop using the Yarrowee Trail.

Medium Walk

Starting and finishing at the corner of Bala & Albert St, this 2.7km walk will take you down Albert St and then back via the Yarrowee Trail.

Mt Pleasant Historical Walk

Historical Walk

Starting at Mount Pleasant Reserve, the trail explores the lives of some of Ballarat's oldest residential suburb's most memorable people and places from the 1850s up to the present, including an overview of its colourful history.

Benefits of Regular Exercise - Walking

Walking is good for our health and for connecting us to our local community. Being active every day, such as a 30-minute walk, can have a big impact on long term health, giving you more energy, making you feel happy and relaxed, even helping you sleep better.

The risk of many key health issues in our local area including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, dementia and arthritis, can all be improved by going for a 30-minute walk every day.

Walking is gentle on the body, suitable for all ages and fitness levels and it's free. It is always best to start out at a gentle pace and eventually build up to a brisk pace that allows you to have a conversation while walking. The 30 minutes of exercise may be broken up into three 10-minute walks and still be beneficial. If you wear a pedometer to count your steps, aim to reach

10,000 steps a day for good health.

With more people using cars to travel short distances, walking gets you out of the car and into the neighbourhood. Choosing to walk to local destinations improves connection of people to their local area and their neighbours.

Note: We recommend you check with your doctor before you begin a regular exercise program.