Sebastopol - Busy busy at BNC for The Burra

Spotlight on Sebastopol is investing $5M into our suburb and will deliver widespread upgrades to the place we call home: better greenspaces, improved streetscapes, and new community facilities to name a few.

Because BNC connects directly with the Sebastopol Community, we are heading several Spotlight on Sebastopol initiatives.  Projects which give you a chance to be involved in our glow up, promote our suburb, and keep the ball rolling for the Burra's future success:


Connecting Sebastopol

Connecting Sebastopol will bring a new publication called Sebastopol Community News, form a Community Association who'll advocate for our suburb, tell some gritty local stories via digital media, and build a brand new online hub to promote all things local.  It's an exciting time for The Burra, and your voice has never been more important.  

If you have questions or feedback, would like to submit content for the newsletter, want to ensure your business is featured in the online directory, want to tell a great yarn about your local experience, or you're passionate about advocacy and would like to be part of the Community Association, GET IN TOUCH! Contact Community Development Manager, Donna Tucker at 


Discovering Historic Sebastopol

Sebastopol is arguably the richest source of Ballarat's gold rush history.  Partnering with the Sebastopol Historical Society, this project will highlight a range of significant historical sites and create a documented walking route.  


Public Art Initiatives

Keep an eye out for several new and exciting works being errected around our community.  


Sebastopol Community Garden

This exciting community space in Spencer St is being designed and built from scratch.  Head over the the Sebastopol Community Garden page to get more info, and provide input into its creation.