At the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre, operating from the Ballarat South Community Hub in Sebastopol, we believe bringing people together and encouraging collaboration between local organisations, community groups and residents builds strong, connected and resilient communities.


Connecting Sebastopol

Currently, we're running a busy community initiative as part of the larger Spotlight on Sebastopol project.  Connecting Sebastopol will bring a new plublication called Sebastopol Community News, form a Community Association who'll advocate for our suburb, create some amazing pubic art, and build a brand new digital hub to promote all things local.  It's an exciting time for The Burra, and your voice has never been more important.  Get in touch! 

Contact our Community Development Manager, Donna Tucker at


Our history

Since 2016 when the City of Ballarat’s Engaging Communities Program for Sebastopol commenced, the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre has been a key stakeholder on the Sebastopol panel. We remain committed to working with the community to create opportunities to connect through social, educational, recreational and support activities using a community development approach.

To date, we have delivered the following engaging communities projects:

The Cre8 comUNITY mural project

The Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre is delighted with the outcomes of the Cre8 comUNITY mural project that engaged four different community groups: DOTS, YMCA Sebastopol Youth Centre, Berry St and the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre Gardening Group.

Artist Linda Franklin worked with each of the four groups to enable the participants to explore experiences visually and verbally; with benefits including creative expression, technical skill building, social inclusiveness, communication, planning, problem solving, and a sense of place and accomplishment, individual and community pride.

'Community groups commonly function on their own with limited resources, but clever community development has woven four independent groups together to create a beautiful painted mural displayed at Ballarat South Community Hub in Sebastopol. The four groups included youth from Berry Street, DOTS/Phoenix College, YMCA and adults from Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre Gardening Group. Generous sponsorship from G. Gay Mitre10 Sebastopol and Sebastopol Community Engagement Program has enabled the four groups to paint not just the mural at BSCH, but also for their own venues.'


Mural Project  Mural Project  Mural Project  Mural Project  Mural Project